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(Painting by Rachelle) 


I am adding artwork to all the poems posted here. If you read a poem and would like to submit a drawing or photograph to be posted with the poem please send it to me through the contact page and I will have it added. I would especially love to have your children send their drawings for my  Children's Poem page.

Thank You.

As a mother of 4 young children in the 60's I enjoyed writing stories that they inspired in my heart. I wrote them in verse form. I also had many thoughts about the world and God that filled  daily thoughts that I also found time to jot down.

My parents were both artist and even though I have a great appreciation for art I was not blessed with this gift,however, the gift of children stories came so easily to me.

so I do hope that any of you take the time  to read these entries enjoy them and can relate to them yourself.

Catherine L. Donaldson