Cathy's Poetry Place


A New Baby Born




        Reese Rose


  Way out in the universe,

  Beyond Jupiter and Mars.

  A baby grows each day and waits,

  Playing tag with the moon and stars.


  She drinks from the snow white Milky Way.

  And sleeps by the light of the moon.

  And plays hop scotch on the fluffy clouds.

  And hopes for her birth to be soon.


  Her Father in heaven has nurtured her.

  And put His love in her heart.

  And tells her stories of His love,

  And that her life on earth will soon start.


  As she waits she snuggles up

  In the cusp of the moon at night.

  She is rocked so softly by the wind,

  And covered by the clouds so white.


  Rainbows have come out to cheer her,

  At the end of the rainy days.

  The colors are so very pretty

  As the sun sends out its rays


  Reese is getting ready..her birth is near.

  She sucks her thumb and wiggles her toes.

  And listens as her parents sing....

  A lullaby with her in mind..

  All dressed up in pink and white bows.


  She hears them talking to her

  And her little heart skips a beat.

  She will have a wonderful family,

  Who she is so anxious to meet.


  She'll miss the moon,stars and winds,

  Once she has begun her birth,

  But they let her know they will be close,

  Down on her new home called Earth.


  The wind said it will blow her hair

  And rain will kiss her cheek

  The moon will shine thru her window.

  Where they can play hide and seek.


  Your time is up......

  You're starting your life .

  Your daddy and mommy,

  Will hold you so tight


  Kailyn , Isabelle and Koda

  Will probably each want to fight,

  Over which one will be the one,

  To hold you through the night:)


  Welcome little one !

  Its your birthday today.

  God has given you to be,

  His most precious us:)