Cathy's Poetry Place


A Tree Mourns


  •  (Drawing by Rachelle)


    A tree can stand alone

    Needs no one to help it survive.

    God's nature keeps her own

    It's a beautiful prayer alive!

    The leaves acknowledge their life and death.

    Tender and green at their birth.

    The branches hold them in sweet caress

    As they hustle a tune full of mirth.

    Fall makes their beauty so profound

    A breath-taking sight to behold.

    Then gently the tree drops them to the ground.

    A death bed of brown and gold.

    The tree mourns their death the winter through.

    'Til springtime awakens the tree with her dreams.

    Once more the tree starts the cycle anew,

    While God looks down on His tree and beams.

  •  by Catherine L. Donaldson