Cathy's Poetry Place


Autumn Leaves


 (painting by Rachelle)


Autumn leaves......

     Just take my breath away !

     They change their colors,

     Day after day after day.


     Once the colors lose their sheen,

     It is time for them to let go...

     As they gently fall to the ground,

     They form a pillow far below.


     They've done their job.

     They have provided shade

     Through the hot days of summer,

     Where people walk and children play.


     Winter winds are blowing strong..

     And soon the snow will come.

     Then memories of the autumn's leaves

     Will warm me as the summer sun.


     The spring calls forth the new born buds,

     As the cycle goes around and around.

     But I can't wait to see the leaves,

     Turn yellow, gold and brown.


     The memory of those happy days,

     With the leaves upon the ground,

     Making a bed for winters frost.

     No happier place can ever be found.


     Autumn leaves just take my breath away.


     By Catherine Donaldson