Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 1976



 painting by Thomas Kinkade


  Christmas 1976....


  Twas the day before Christmas,

   The sun shone so bright.

  We all were awaiting,

  For this wonderful night.


   The children had lists,

   As long as themselves,

   To carry them all,

   Would take 12 real strong elves.


   Timmy and  Chelsea were,

   Puzzled with doubt.

   What was a tree doing,

   Inside ...not out ?


   Santa knew just what,

   To bring dear old dad.

   A tie, some cologne,

   Would make dad pretty glad !!


   Grandma Nettie and I,

   Were so tired from it all.

   All that we really wanted,

   Was a  big swig of Geritol!!


   Well, me in my poncho,

   And dad in his cap,

   Sat 'round the tree,

   Remembering back....


   Our memories rushed in,

   Of the friends we had met,

    Of the Christmas in Georgia...

   These we will never forget.


   But here we are now..

   In the land of the sun.,

   The palm trees, the desert,

   The ocean so fun...


   We wish you all joy,

   On this bright Christmas Day.

   May the New Year joy,

   To you all...this we pray.


   Merry Christmas.

by Catherine L. Donaldson