Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2001

                         Twas the Day Before Christmas



  Twas the day before Christmas

  We couldn't believe it!

  Everything had been bought..

  Now we hoped that they all fit.


  2001 is the year we saw "Shrek"

  Harry Potter's the rage...

  Young people the world over,

  Have read every page.


  You can never go wrong

  Buying clothes can be cool!

  Baggy pants for the boys,

  And for Dads a new tool :)


  Capri pants and tank tops,

  Are a must for teen girls.

  And the young ones want

  A Barbie with curls.


  Little boys are so easy....

  They like bright red fire trucks.

  Or a police car or baseball.

  Or a bike just for luck.


  So now we find ourselves,

  Midst bright paper and bows.

  Wrapping gifts while we sing,

  About Rudolph's shiny nose.


  Carols are playing,

  As we take a deep sigh.

  And the wonder of Christmas

  Unfolds before our eyes !!


  Love is the force that makes

  Christmas so wonderous !

  And Love is the gift that God sent

  In His beloved son, Jesus.


  So bask in this glow

  Of a season of love...

  May God Bless all of you,