Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2004

               Christmas 2004


  Everyone shopped at Staters,

  Where their purchases they bought.

  When the strikes at the markets,

  Went on longer than thought !


  Gas prices climbed..

  Who would guessed..

  That under $3.00....

  Would seem like the best.


  The elections care over.

  Bush is our new choice.

  Everyone voted..

  And gave us their voice.


  California's fires... 

  Of 2003,

  Gave way to Florida's hurricanes..

  First 1 and then 2 & 3.


  Baggy pants and hip huggers.

  And music called Hip Hop,

  Tattoos and earrings,

  Whatever happened to B-Bop?


  Our soldiers are still,

  In a place called Iraq.

  We pray for their safety,

  And a swift coming back.


  Many hurdles have given us,

  Time to reflect.

  On what is important ..

  And what to protect.


  Our family and loved ones,

  A country that's free,

  And a baby born to us.

  To save you and me.


May Your Christmas be Merry

And Your New Year Filled With Hope