Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2009

  .Families are

   Helping each other

   Lending a hand,

   To a sister or brother.


   Good will to all,

   Has spread its wings.

   Bringing a sense of peace,

   As the Carolers sing.


   The stress of their finances,

   Have shaken some spirits.

   But..all in all,

   Joy is where you find it.


   You'll find it in,

   The strangest places..

   The look of hope

   On young and old faces.


   On mom and dad..

   Who have weathered the storm.

   On homeless people who

   Share a shelter to keep warm.


   The year started out

   With high expectations.

   Obama became president.

   He saw hope for our nation.


   But months have gone by,

   And the changes didn't come.

   He is struggling with Health Care,

   The economy and a war that's not won.


   The weather each year

   Poses such a huge threat.

   Fires, ice, rain and snow.

   All are a cause for us to fret.


   Our little ones still

   Adore Sponge Bob Square Pants.

   And Tickle Me Elmo

   Is doing the Chicken Dance.  :)


   The teens are connected,

   To high tech games and such.

   And their hairdos and clothing,

   Always seem a little too much :)


   Life goes on........


   Young children keep asking,

   For parents to "Just buy it!"

   And seniors are seeking for,

   A little more peace and quiet.


   Of course the movies are,

   So entertaining...

   Twilight was one that

   Gave us a lot of blood draining.


   We lost Patrick Swayze.

   Remember his dancing?

   Ghost made him famous,

   It's nice reminiscing:)


   We lost Michael Jackson.

   Under a cloud of rumors and talk.

   He'll never be forgotten,

   For his famous "moon walk"


   Tiger Woods has gotten

   His reputation in a mess.

   He was brought down..

   By his 3 iron no less!


   We are all a patch quilt of faces,

   Living together in small and large places.

   This Christmas is such a blessed season,

   Our Saviors birth is the real true reason.


   So let’s all give each other

   A prayer of thanksgiving.

   And find in our hearts

   A special reason for living.


   God's Love Is Our Gift


   Merry Christmas