Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2011..

There's a chill in the air,

It's that time of year!

 For the jolly old Santa,

And his 8 flying reindeer.


The Snows have come early..

They formed a nor'easter,

Downed branches all over,

Caused lots of disasters!


All 'round the world,

Were reports of hard quaking.

Tornados and tsunamis....

The whold world has been shaking!!


But the people go on...

They've learned to survive,

They picked up the pieces,

And are just glad to be alive.


Halloween is now over.

It's got much more attention,

More elaborate costumes..

And front yard decorations.


The politicians are running,

They each have a platform.

And we are still wondering

Where Obama was born!


The movies this year,

Give us lots to choose from...

The list that now follows

Are just a sample of some.


There is X-Men First Class

And Shrek III,

Thor and Cowboys and Aliens

Twilight/Scream 18.


Battle LA 2011,

And Apollow 18,

Cap't America/Kung Fo Panda III

Harry Potter/Deathly Hollows


Zoo Keeper and The Green Lantern

I could go on and on

I'm sure you're glad I won't : )

Hope you enjoyed one or two.


Facebook has taken,

Over all communication.

Texting and twitter give us..

More personal connections.


Peyton Manning had surgery,

On his neck more than twice.

He's out for the season...

Using hot packs and ice : (


Tiger is still working,

To bring his game back.

We'll see if he can find,

His old style and his knack : )


Basketball teams are not playing..

They're out on strike!!

Money could solve it,

Just give them a pay hike.


The world series is over.

The Cardinals are the heros!!

Texas Rangers went home,

With their deflated egos.


Penn State faces problems,

That none would have suspected!

The faculty and students,

Are mighty dejected : (


We lost 'Smokin'' Joe Frazier,

He sure gave us a thrillah!!

In that fight with Ali..

Put on down in Manilla. : )


Each year we see talent,

Who compete to be #1.

They have huge fan bases,

Numbering in the millions...


Each year we say prayers,

For the troups that we send,

To far away places.

Please God let it end.


That about covers

The world as a whole.

Let us make love and peace,

Be our number one goal!

Have a blessed Christmas and A very Happy New Year!!

Love Catherine L. Donaldson