Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2013




                        Christmas '13 is on the horizon,

                        It's Oct..  there has been early snows , Surprise !

                        Thousands of cattle have died in the west.

                        Snow drifted as high as an elephants eye.


                        There are 'Trunk or Treat" set ups in church parking lots,

                        And little kiddies get out to collect candies by the number.          

                        The goblins and scarecrows are all out on the prowl..

                        While their parents wait at home for a long needed slumber!


                        Thanksgiving will be a day to remember

                        With turkey and dressing and pumpkin pies

                        Then dads get the couch and the tv changer.

                        And moms get out the Bethleham Manger.


                        Now it is time to begin the holiday rituals.

                        Of getting a tree and checking out the lights.

                        Next we'll string popcorn and also some beads.

                        Next come the baubles that bring them all delight !


                        Once that is done and the tree is all lit,

                        It's time to start making the list that won't quit....

                        Choosing who wants what and how much to spend,

                        Has moms and dads yelling." We've got to get a grip !"


                        This year, like it has been , for many years now,

                        Shopping has been done online...what an easy way out !!

                        No parking or standing in long lines for hours,

                        Just to find out that the last gifts have sold out !!!!!


                        No,..just 'click and ship' what a new rovolution:)

                        Just sit at the PC and scan all your choices.

                        For once again you have done it...just relax !

                        This is time to for you to give thanks and rejoice.


                        REJOICE !..isn't that what this is all about??

                        A gift has been given to all of mankind.

                        A gift to celebrate day in and day out.

                        A gift that keeps giving us love so refined.


                       We can't find this gift on a PC computer,

                       If we believe in God's Son, it is totally FREE !

                       We can't buy it on time..or use discount certificates...

                       God is just asking for us to Believe !


                       So why not accept this wonderful gift ?

                       Let your heart open up so His love can come in.

                       Celebrate what a peace that's come over you.

                       Experience Joy and Peace with a great big grin.


                       Joy to the World

                       Peace on Earth

                       Good Will Toward Men



                       Merry Christmas