Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2014


Hang the star on the top of the tree.

If followed a treasure you soon will find.

The three wise men did journey oh so far..

And found the greatest gift to mankind.

This gift was wrapped in swaddling cloth.

As innocent and pure as a babe.

These wise men knew that it was from God.

What a treasure in front of them laid.

We need to be wise in our honoring Him.

As we lay out the manger scene under the tree.

Close our eyes and pray that He always will be,

The most precious gift that we ever receive.

Sing praises to His name.

Bow down and praise Him.

Lift up your eyes to heaven above,

This light of the world will never grow dim.

Christmas Day is a blessing.... its meaning so rare.

Don't take it for granted don't waste it.

This was our chance to be washed clean,

Our chance to be redeemed ...lets share it.

May God bless you and yours this Christmas Day

by Catherine L. Donaldson