Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2017 by Chuck Donaldson



Another Christmas comes at last

  Another year has quickly passed

The world seems in turmoil still

  With no end to the troubles and ill will.

We've had mass shootings of revelers

  In Las Vegas which gave sadness

We've had children and church goers

  Slaughtered by people in sheer madness.

Our families have increased in size

  With little ones looking around with wonderous eyes

Some of our family members have gone away

  To be seen by all in Heaven on a future day.

Our President has been trying to 

  Keep all prospering, especially you

The dissenters keep hollering and you can hear them say

  They are not happy with our President in any way.

We had lots of storms and hurricanes galore

  From Texas to the Florida Keys and how the rain did pour

But through  it all we fought it out and brushed it off once more

  Toughened up, rolled up our sleeves and got to work to rebuild our shores.

North Korea is trying to start a war

  It seems that everyday their leader goes too far

Threatening the world with new found nuclear power

  Pushing things up to the final hour.

In baseball, the Houston Astros won the series

  They beat the Dodgers and some eyes were teary

Regardless of the winning team

  Some of the games were really a dream.

Football players are kneeling for our anthem

  Disrespecting our country while making lots of wampum

It seems to me that if they want to change things soon

  There are lots of positive ways to get them done.

The most important thing is our Savior of course

  His birthday helps us to stay the course

His death has given us our true salvation

  Regardless of our race or nation.

 So let us all rejoice and celebrate

  This time of joy and rememberance

Please remember as you enjoy the season 

        That Jesus is the only reason.

                      by Chuck Donaldson