Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas Party

                 The Christmas Party



   Down Jamboree Road...

   And on to the Isle,

   Across the bridge,

   To the Dunn domicile.


   The Christmas parade,

   Upon your nice boat,

   Was a sight to behold !

   All lit up; afloat !


   Talking to friends,

   And enjoying the trip,

   Eating hors-deurves,

   And taking a  nip :)


   The wind and the cool weather,

   Had us bundles warm.

   And hoping the night air,

   Would do us no harm.


   Mary counted noses,

   as up the plank we went.

   And into the house...

   Filled with heavenly scents !


   WE piled our plates high,

   With hot turkey and ham,

   Dressing and cranberries,

   Hot rolls from a pan.


   Lonnie broke open,

   The imported wine,

   And kept us all happy,

   As we sat to dine.


   Mary and Lonnie,

   You're such gracious hosts.

   May Charlie and I say,

   " Your party was the most!"