Cathy's Poetry Place


Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011..

Christmas 2011 is drawing near

The Lord has told us, "Do Not Fear!"

The world has lost its happy face,

But Jesus came to offer His Grace.

So don't look back at what might have been.

Open your heart and let it mend.

The future may look mighty bleak.

But God has asked us all to "seek".

Seek the love He promises.

Oh what a blessing this surely is!

God's own children gathered together,

To praise His Holy Name forever.

When comes the time of revelation,

We will receive our full salvation.

Christmas is a time of hope,

Of faith and forgiving. Of love and of

everlasting life. May God bless you. May

His face shine upon you and give you peace.

Merry Christmas one and all.


Catherine L. Donaldson