Cathy's Poetry Place


Climb Upon My Lap


(picture of Cathy and Ron)



Come here my little one

And climb upon my lap

And you can make believe

Before you take a nap

You can hold your "Wolfie"

Just put him on your knee

And dream that just you two

Are sailing out to sea.


Think of you as Captain

With "Wolfie" by your side

The two of you are sailing

The oceans far and wide.


On deck you search the waters

For sight of far off land

You dream of buried treasure

And rings upon your hand.


Then "Wolfie" sights a pirate ship.

Its sails are blowing full

And you can see a deadly flag

With cross bones on the skull.


Toward their ship you navigate

Your cannons you direct

With one gigantic "BOOM"!

Your shells hit the pirates deck.


The pirates are afraid to fight

They surrender one by one

You put them in the darken hold

And set sail in the setting sun.


Back to mothers lap you go

Just tilt your little head

Drift off to sleep with "Wolfie"

While I lay you down in bed.

by Catherine L. Donaldson