Cathy's Poetry Place





You'll always be our little princess,

No matter how much you grow.

You've got two little  pouty lips,

That are shaped just like a bow.


Such pretty hair that falls across,

Those twinkling shining eyes!

It's so much fun to think of you,

And , my how time does fly.


You are learning how to do ballet.

Do you jump and twirl and soin?

How simply darling you must be,

In your tutu made of crinline.


Your grandpa and I remember you...

With one hand on your hip !!

Shaking the other in the air..

While pursing your sweet pouty lip.


Time will tell what talents lie..

Beneath that little girl grin :)

And blossoms into a precious angel,

That comes from deep within.


Danielle...your mother and father love you to the moon..

Your brothers love you to Pluto and back..

Your Grandpa Lucky loves you more..

And I love you ;cause you make me smilë :)