Cathy's Poetry Place


                            Don't Forget The Sunsets


         Don't forget the sunsets,

         Or the first rays of the morning light.

         Remember to smell the roses,

         And gaze at the moon at night.


         Take a long deep breath and hold it.

         Feel the calm envelope your heart.

         Listen to the birds at dawn,

         As they welcome each day at its start.


         Watch the children at play...

         Remember when you played like them

                                                 for hours.

         See two lovers holding hands,

         As they walk through the woods gathering

                                             a bouquet of spring flowers.


         Don't forget me.........

         I have loved you so deep.

         I know that our love will always last,

         Even though I'll be at sleep.




        See me in each sunset,

        And at the first rays of morning light.

        I'll be the wind and the gentle rain,

        And the moon and stars at night.


        I'll be in your every thought

        As you remember me.......

        And hopefully a tear will fall.

        By Catherine L. Donaldson