Cathy's Poetry Place





  We all have fences that we erect.

  For different reasons  no doubt.


   They  some times are made to keep us in

   And also to keep things out.


   Years ago you would not see them built

   All around your nice family home.


  Then the  yards  were open  to all,

  And we admired the lawns that were mown.


  The children would  play hide and seek or tag

  But some of the neighbors would just sit and frown


  They are the ones who had fences so high..

   Wanting their lives to be ever so private.


  Never wanting to join in the everyday life

 That was shared by the families they hate.


  If we aren't just like them and think their same thoughts,

  Then they have no use to be social with us.


  What a shame that there are so many like them.

  They find no use for making a move to discuss


  The things that we all share and treasure,

   Like families and health and just plain life!


  Life sometimes tears down their fences,

  They have troubles and sorrows and strife,


  And it is then that their fences no longer hide them.

  Then  we as a neighbors can  show we care.



  To these lost souls who are in need of help,

  Lend a hand of love and caring so rare..


  To see the light in their eyes when they see,

  That we are all in this world and you and me..


  We can all join hands and help one another

  There are so many ways to reach out..


  It is time to be a big sister or brother

  To all of those who have seen us with doubt.


  Showing them love that goes beyond what they've known

  Helping to lead them to a God that there.


  Always He gives us a reason for living

  He asks us to show them that we truly care.


  Once they experience the joy for themselves

  They will never build fences again..