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Four Little Bluebirds








 (drawing by Genesis)




Four little bluebirds

Sitting in their nest

Mama pushed them out

To try and fly their best.


All fell upon the ground

Helpless as can be

'Til our daddy picked them up

And put them in the tree.


He made a little nest

From an old shoebox

Filled full of grass

And wholly old socks.


They cradled in the box

Swinging from a limb

Their mama fed them crumbs

But their future looked dim.


Then....One fell

So now there were three

And oh so anxious

To fly and be free.


 Days went by...

The babies tried their wings

But all ended up

On the ground a-hopping.


The cats came to see

What was going on

And then one day

Two more were gone.


Now one is left

And how hard he's trying

To get off the ground

And try his wings at flying.


He learned how to climb

Up the big tree's trunk

But once in flight

He hits the ground....**Kerplunk**


Mama keeps on feednig

And baby's trying hard

To make it in the sky

And get out of the yard.


Four baby bluebirds

All gone but one

Now he's almost grown

His baby days are done.


Now there is none

The backyard is bare

We will wait to see

If our bird is in the air.

(author's note: A poem of finding 4 bluebirds in our backyard.)