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God is Watching*****New Poem 6/15/12***

There are times in your life

There are times in your life,
When you just want to scream !
No matter how hard you try,
You just can't find your dream.

Life has its twists and turns,
You've had many choices.
Yes, you should have been wiser...
You should not have listened to bad voices.

But what is past is in the past...
You must deal with today.
You can now go forward with the knowledge,
That you have learned along the way.

So, remember that God is watching.
His precious gift is so simple.
Accept what He has offered us.
What He gives to us each day is ample.

Start each day with a prayer full of hope,
And don't look back at tomorrows so bleak.
Thank your Maker for all your blessings,
And His word is what you should seek.

Do not fear is one of His commands
For He is with us always.
He walks the valleys of the shadows of death,
Beside us He will never stray.

by Catherine L. Donaldson


 God is not on an Alarm Clock

God is not on an alarm clock.

Not set for a certain time..

And then go on our way..

He wants us set to Him

    All the time.


He is with us off the clock!

He is just a thought away.

We cheat ourselves when we

Put Him in a box.

    Taken out now and then. 


Use the alarm for getting up...

Making coffee, baking a cake,

Other things less important...

Nothing compares to God.

    He'll never forsake.


When you've gotten less busy

With things put away.

Tune out the worldly things.

Feel His love and presence.. 

  Now do not delay.


Set your sight on your Maker

To the time that you share

Let the peace that passess

All understanding...

    Nothing else can compare.


by Catherine L. Donaldson