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God You Are So Good



 God You Are So Good


You who have created,

Heaven and earth.

Still loved; not hated,

And gave to us rebirth.


You saved us by grace,

You promised to lead,

You pleaded our case,

You forgave each bad deed.


We will follow your path,

For you've given life everlasting.

We will no longer fear,

For death has no sting.


My days are getting shorter,

And it quickens my still heart,

To know I'll soon be with you,

Never again will we be apart.


God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

You've had me in your hands,

You've carried me o’er hill and mountains,

Through valleys and strange lands.


You promised to be with me,

'Till my days on earth are done.

You told me how you saved me,

The battle already has been won !!


By Catherine L. Donaldson