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If I Could Someday Rule The World..



If I could someday rule the world.
Each Blossom bud would be unfurled.
Rain would fall on desert floor.
And sun would warm the marshy moor.

The moon would never fade from sight.
So lovers wooing, might swoon at night.
The stars would share their unknown truths
And minds of men would speak forsooth.

But God's creation- the one called man,
Would not submit to my demands.
I'd want them united, joined by love
As peaceful as a gentle dove.

But human nature follows no rules
The majority are nothing but fools
Wanting their own desires satisfied
Never heeding the needy and their cries.

What makes us less than what we could be?
We have been designed so noblely.
Together we could strive for peace
Declaring all wars on man to cease.

If man would just regard His maker
And try to overcome human nature
The patterns of life are there to see
If man could only all agree.

And if I could rule myself someday
Never faltering along my way
Doing all things that be just and Godly
Ah, Yes, if I could just rule me.

by Catherine L. Donaldson