Cathy's Poetry Place


I Love The Sea


(chalk painting by Cathy's mother, Mildred) 


 I Love The Sea


 Some men scale a mountain,

 Others seek out riches and fame.

 They are looking for peace and solace,

 By living in an ivory palace.


Some men choose to fly.

They might claim to see God in the sky..

But as for me...

I love the sea.

It gives me peace and tranquility.


I love the smell of the churning sea waters.

The sight of the playful little sea otters.

The taste of the fresh sea spray...

I can't think of a happier day.


The slap of the naughty wayward wave,

That hasn't learned how to behave.

To the lull of the calm and gentle sea.

This gives me a real sense of glee.


I love the sea...I love my boat.

I love the knot that I get in my throat,

When I think of sailing out to sea

Yes, I do love the sea.


by Catherine L. Donaldson