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 hands of god

 Its Never too late...


It is never too late to say, "I Love you"

It is never too late to learn something new

It is never too late to share God's promises

He starts over each day with you.


A clean slate is such a beautiful sight.

All the sins of yesterday have been wiped clean.

The sun has come up on a new day a dawning.

It is fresh and it has this white sheen.


Now it is up to us to make a new start

Let God lead you along His path

He made a plan for you to follow

So get busy today and laugh.


Laugh and sing a new song from your heart

One that is cheerful and gay.

Whistle a tune that will lift up your spirit

Its time to start a new day.


It is never too late to welcome God in

He has known you your whole life through

He is waiting to deliver you from your worries

There is nothing that you have to do.


He laid down His life to save you

He is your Redeemer and friend.

Just believe in Him and open your heart

It's never too late to love Him.


by Catherine L. Donaldson