Cathy's Poetry Place



                      You Are My Sunshine



   You were born a little Leo.

   You shared this sign with Minnie.

   You've the strenght of a lion cub,

   You'll never be called a winnie:)


   You were bald and beautiful,

   With eyes that shone so blue.

   You were my little sunflower,

   So precious and so new.


   As you greew, your hair came in,

   As golden as the sun.

   You played with dolls and puppies,

   You made your daytime fun!


   School was not hard for you,

   You liked to read and write.

   Which led to writing poetry.

   Some poems were out of sight !!


   You met your husband Richard.

   And learned to cook and sew.

   You loved working at I.O.A.

   But soon began to "show"


   You were expecting a baby,

   So you ate and ate for two.

   And at the end of your pregnancy,

   Your waist was a size "32" !...


   Lindsay was so darling,

   You nursed her day and night.

   And when she got her teeth in...

   On blinked this little light !


   Now was the time to stop.

   You tried your very best...

   BUt Lindsay was determined,

   She out you to the test !


   She cried and wanted "Milky",

   It tore you up inside.

   But you both got hrough it...

   You looked at her with pride.


   Soon you were carrying Madi,

   To add to the family scene.

   She is your special angel,

   Who smiles at you and beams.


   Very soon along came "trouble"

   A bundle of dynamite !

   With the cutest face and eyes of blue,

   Who sings with all her might.


   Plus Amberly and Dylan,

   Now you've got yourself a bunch.

   You wouldn't change a thing.

   Well, this is just  my hunch.


   You are so to to all of us.

   You're beautiful and smart.

   You lend a helping hand to all.

   Your talents set you apart.


   All children would be lucky,

   To have a mmom like you.

   God blessed you with His love,

   And now I bless you with it too!


   God bless you on your birthday!


   Chuck and mom and your whole family.