Cathy's Poetry Place


Love, Come To Me Now



Love, why did you come to me now?
Can't you see I'm not ready!
Love, I need more time to allow
Myself a chance to be steady.

To follow my roads somewhere,
Where I can find myself.
To make a place for us to share
Love, Someday I'll give you wealth!

Love, if I don't follow my dreams,
           if I don't find my rainbows,
           if I don't chance my schemes,
Love, then my hope for fame goes.

If your love for me is strong,
You'll want all these things for me.
I'll not make you wait too long
Love, you'll mold my destiny.

Love, the road to fame would turn to stone,
If you should fade and leave me now.
I couldn't live on fame alone!
Love, come to me now.

by Catherine L. Donaldson