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Midge's Curls

   Vintage Image

Midget's Curls

Midge had curls that wouldn't quit!

Until she got the urge to clip :(

As they tumbled to the ground,

Upon her face there came a frown:(

Now she wonders what will happen,

Maybe she should put a hat on !

Here comes mother through the door.

She sees the curls all on the floor:(

"Midge,,tell me, what have you done!!

Your pretty curls are all gone but one."

One little curl..was all that was left.

So mother made Midge take a step...

Up on a chair to take a look,

Into the mirror was all it took !

The tears began to tumble down..

Upon her face there came a frown !

She wonders what her mother will do,.

Here she comes with a hat of blue.

Mother puts it on her now bald head,

All that showed was the curl of red.

A great big smile came upon her face,

With not much time to really waste....

Midge took the scissors as she hummed a song,

And placed them back where they belonged

It would be a long long wait to see,

Just how long her hair would finally be...

She thought of having two long braids,

Looking like a pretty dairy-maid !

Now Midge spends time with dolls instead..

All of them have long long curls of red !!!!!