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My Favorite Time of the Day



    My Favorite Time of Day



  My favorite time of day,

  Is at twlight time......

  Just as the sun has set,

  And the trees are etched,

  Across the darkening skies.


  It is like God's day is over.

  And He's handing us the night.

  But not before one last look,

  At the beauty that He  draws...

  Across the darkening skies.


  The silence of all nature,

  Seems to take over days loud noises.

  Except for some nocturnal creatures

  Who enjoy screaching now and then.

  After the darkening of the skies.


  Our bodies need to rest and sleep.

  To rejuvenate itself...

  And waken with a readiness

  To begin a brand new day.

  To do all things that they have in store,

  Before the darkening of the skies.


  Lovers wait from dawn til dusk,

  To meet under a moon lit sky.

  And hold each other ever so tight,

  And share their thoughts of love.

  Not aware of the darkening skies.


  The moon is the light that

  Shines the whole night through.

  Folding back the black of night

  So the shadows can show their presence.

  And softening the darkening of the skies


  Don't be frightened by the

  Darkeining of the skies

  God is watching over us,

  And covering us with His love.