Cathy's Poetry Place


Reese's 1st Birthday 2014



     Reese Rose Donaldson

You have grown so much....

Can't believe our eyes!!

It seems like just a breath away..

You came into our lives.

Such a darling little girl

We held you in our arms,

And watched you as you grew,

We kept you from all harm.

These coming months will be a challenge..

You will be walking and talking..oh my!

Keeping up will surely be a chore.

For your world will open wide.

You'll hear a lot of "No,no's"

And learn to say them back :):)

You will have everything a little girl could want.

There won't be a single thing that you'll lack!

You'll have thrown away those diapers,

And start wearing training pants :)

You'll test out lots of things,

That your parents thought were "can'ts".

" You can't reach can't say that.

You can't possibly climb up there!"

"You can't eat that !...spit it out !

You can't pull your brother's hair!"

" You can't follow Isabelle...

When she goes on shoppping sprees...

You can't use Kailyn's makeup..

No matter how happy you would be!"


But you can be sure as raindrops,

That these next 12 months will be...

As joyous and as wonderful,

As any little girl can hope it to be !!!


Happy 1st Birthday Reese

From your grandpa Lucky and me