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The Baby Bumble Bee


 (picture by Genesis of a bee doing the backstroke)


   The Baby Bumble Bee

A little baby bumble bee,
Was trying out her wings..
When she saw a pair of bunnies,
Playing tag beneath the swings.

She knew she wasn't suppose,
To fly so far away.
But she oh so badly wanted
To join them in their play.

With her wings flopping wildly,
She darted to and fro.
Her flight was still quite jerky,
As she came close to them below.

With a start..the bunnies hopped,
Far away from the little swing.
And ran across the meadow
To get away from a sure Big Sting !!

She flew right on past them,
As they cowarded in the clover.
She made funny little circles,
As they both would duck for cover.

The little baby bumble bee,
Landed right on one of thier ears.
She smiled and said real friendly.
"Bunnies, you have nothing to fear"

" I just want to have some friends
And fly from flower to flower.
Collecting lots of pollen
Gosh, I could do this for hours and hours."

So the bunnies learned to feel no fear,
And saw she was as sweet as pie.
Now the bunnies play in fields of clover
As our baby bumble bee learns how to fly.

by Catherine L. Donaldson