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The Golden Tail



The Bird With The Golden Tail


The bird with the golden tail and I,

Took off through the fog to fly.

Back to childhood scenes of snow,

Back to loved ones that I know.


Her graceful flight took my breath away.

So gently floating on our way.

Her wings stretched out in bold delight,

As I sat in wonder..ignoring my fright.


Just she and I; time stood still.

The earth below gave me such a thrill.

But journeys all must end sometime.

Now the end has come to mine.


Back down to earth and on with life,

Back to being a mother and wife.

Back to daily chores and home,

Back to all the things I've known.


But lovely bird you must always fly,

Through the endless stretch of sky.

And I will think of you and dream,

Of endless time and changing scenes.


( author’s note: taking Continental Airlines back to

  my childhood home  after my father

  had passed away for his funeral)


by Catherine L. Donaldson



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