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The Little Rascals


Two Little  Rascals

Two little rascals..Fred and Ethel.

Up to no good!

Climbed onto a ladder..

Because they knew they could.


Ornery as two little bandits,

Their masks gave them away.

They had a thought of hiding..

In a stack of new baled hay.


They tried to see the chickens,

But they were no where in sight.

Their eggs were Oh so tasty,

They would come back to raid tonight!!!!


OOOps, here comes Rich and Joanne…

They are carrying a rake with prongs.

And are coming straight for them..

Eke…they better get a move on.


Where did they come from?

Could it be they kept a vigil?

Staying up and watching guard….

From a spot just over that thar hill??


They scooted down and ran and ran…

Until they reached the forest.

There they would spy another time.

Now was the time for the to rest!!!


Saying…”We’ll be back later!!”

                “See ua later alligator!!”


The saga of Fred and Ethel on a ladder.

By Catherine L. Donaldson