Cathy's Poetry Place


The Romance of the Sea

(painting by Rachelle)


The sea greets the dawn with a gentle wave,
Then sleepily rolls over and kisses the sand.
She sends billows of foam every which way,
Slapping the rocks with the back of her hand.

She's a changing lady with each passing day,
She's often rambunctious and full of play.
In the dancing sunlight, her little white caps,
Bounce to and fro as she goes through her acts.

One moment silent-then there's a roar,
And over the water her pounding surf soars.
Bidding me join her in her play,
She drenches me fully in her salty spray.

There! She's got me once more!
Now it's pointless for me to stay on shore.
In seconds she embraces me to her breast,
The play has begun: I am her quest!

Up over, down under and then up for air,
To the call of the sea I've become aware!
The smell and the feel of the sea is in me.
Her romance with me forever will be.

by Catherine L. Donaldson