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The Spanking Spot...


(photo of Genesis) 

The Spanking Spot............

There was a little girl

With big blue eyes

And when she was two

She never told lies.


But now that she's three

Another year older

She talks back and sasses

And won't do what is told her.


Her mother watched her play

And it made her very sad

To see her daughter do

So many things so bad!


Then one day her mother

Gave her a great big swat!

And told her when she's naughty

That that's her spanking spot.

The little girl just pouted

And each day got swat!

For being such a naughty girl

And ignoring her mother's "nots"


Mother said not to spit

And not to whine all day

And mother said not to hit

The other kids at play.


Nothing seemed to change her

So mother thought one day

Of what would make her good again

And better when at play.


Mother sat her on her lap

And showed her on her face

How she would kiss her good girl

And called that her kissin' place.


From that day on she tried her best

To be a precious gem

Now mother has a kissin' place

The Spankin' Spots behind them.


 (author's note: This was a poem I wrote about my oldest daughter, Christine.)