Cathy's Poetry Place


The Wanderer (The River and Me)



You are a wanderer, like me.
Eager to see what you can see.
Rushing onward; hurrying still,
To see what's just beyond the hill.

Let me tell you, friend of mine,
A greener place you'll never find.
But something pushes us along,
As if we'll never quite belong.

We're dreaming of our bright tomorrows
Pushing back our past of sorrows.
Searching for a place to rest.
But, for us, it must be the best!

For you, you're better off right here.
In rolling hills and air so clear.
With birds to sing to you their song.
But you'll never listen to them for long.

And you're not listening to me I know,
You must always be on the go.
I warn you, you'll end up at sea.
Forever wishing you were here with me.

For I am lost at sea myself.
My memories are my only wealth.
And you'll end up like me someday,
A wanderer's path always leads the same way.

by Catherine L. Donaldson