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The Young Lion



All the young lions were out on the field.
Each one was so cute and so strong.
They tumbled and ran so happily,
With one there was something quite wrong.

He was a handsome young cub.
And as big as the rest,
But had trouble with two of his paws.
He wasn't as quick in this dashing and
But that was his only bad flaw.

For his courage was greater; he never sat
To let the rest of them play.
He stood up with them and he pushed and
he pulled.
This went on day after day.

Some of the other cubs
Dropped out of the game.
They growled at the
Hardship and pain.
Others gave only a half-hearted try,
For they felt they had nothing to gain.

But this young lion,

Played through the pain...

He had to prove to himself,

And to others....

That his disability didn't really matter,

Pride and true grit was what he had gained.


by Catherine L. Donaldson

 (author's note:This was a poem I wrote about a classmate of Ron's at Lutheran High...Cameron. He had an arm that was withered and he wanted so badly to go out for football. He was tall and strong but he couldn't use that arm very well at all. But he went out for the team and he ran up and down that field and did whatever those other boys did during Hell week. I was so impressed with his determination to be just like the other guys. So I wrote this poem about him..

I wish I knew what became of him. Bet he has become a wonderful man.....)

 by Catherine L. Donaldson