Cathy's Poetry Place






You're such a great healer, I'm told.
Excuse me if I sound rather bold.
But why can't you be of some comfort to me?
All I can see are days and night of misery.

I've been waiting so long, just counting on you.
Don't you know what it's like to be blue?
I can't wait much longer, oh please, won't you hurry.
I can't go on living with this life full of worry.

Just when I think I am gaining some ground
My memories haunt me with each sight and sound.
A word that she used or her favorite flower
Will break me back down 'till alone here I cower.

She was my life and without her I'm numb
Sometimes I wish that the end would soon come
I'm tired of this aching and hurting inside
I want to find meaning to life and to pride.

She left me alone, so now I must find
Someone who'll be ever gentle and kind
And erase all my sorrow and painful mistakes
And show me that just love is all that it takes.

by Catherine L. Donaldson