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Two Little Girls...

  •   (picture of Chris and Joanne)



    Two little girls

    Just 3 and 4

    Both so quietly

    Closed the bedroom door.


    Tiptoeing slowly

    So mother wouldn't hear

    They found mommy's powder

    And looked into her mirror



    Up on the chair

    To get a better look

    Their faces soon were coated

    With powder, cream and gook!!



    Both grabbed her rouge

    Oh, wasn't this fun!

    They patted here and there

    'Till they were all done.






    Eyebrow pencil next

    This was a little harder

    Oh well, it would come off

    With a little soap and water.


    Lipsticks are so pretty!

    Red, orange and pink

    Which one would they choose!

    It took so long to think!


    One took pink

    The other took red

    It was here and there

    All over their head.


    Funny thing how mother

    Put it on much better

    Oh, What will mother say?

    They knew this would upset her.


    Two little girls

    Smiling with delight

    The bedroom door just opened

    And mother screams in fright!!


    Why did mother get so mad

    And send them both to bed!

    They'd better leave mom's things alone

    And play with dolls instead!


    Two little girls

    Just 3 and 4

    Fell asleep promising

    To experiment no more!!

     by Catherine L. Donaldson

    (author's notes: I wrote this poem after finding my two little girls in my make up)