Cathy's Poetry Place


When I get to Heaven

When I get to Heaven...

I'll be all dressed in white.

You may not see me right away..

Because I'll be so bright!


The first thing that I notice...

Will be my Father's arms.

 Reaching out to welcome me..

They sheltered me from harm.


When I could look around me...

I saw crowds of angels singing.

The sounds of all their voices..

Had a heavenly sounding ring.


And once I got a glimpse...

Of Jesus by His side.

He motioned me to come...

Where I could always abide.


The beauty all around me.

Just took my breath away.

I never in my wildest dreams

Thought it could be this way.


But didn't Jesus tell me..

He was going to prepare a place..

Where when He called me home..

I would all my days be safe!


And know it is a promise...

That I can forever hold to my heart.


by Catherine L. Donaldson