Cathy's Poetry Place


YEARBOOK 2014-The Year in Review

We are facing another Christmas Season.

With so much attention about trimming the tree

How many presents for me and if I have been good.

Well, let's look back and see......

Just what happened in 2014


The Giants won the World Series of Baseball

The Rangers fell in the last ups and last out

Here in California we've been in such a drought

A rainy season is predicted this year, let's all SHOUT!!


Peyton Manning plays for the Denver Broncos

He is such a famous name

I'm sure he will show up

In the NFL Hall of Fame.


I'm sorry to say...

That without Tiger Woods...

I rarely watch golf...

Even though I know I should.


Don't get me started

On mentioning political agendas

I would rather watch on TV

A tightrope walk made by a Wallenda


I love to watch tennis I love to watch boxing

Sports are a passion..I got it from my father.

Moving furniture is becoming a no no for me

Old age and arthritis has become such a bother.


Chuck spends his days at his one special hobby

Playing golf just for fun now..he loves I.

Or buying and selling old clubs that he gives new life.

This pastime of golf is a really special fit


Me....I spend my time going at a slower pace

Playing a Word game on my Kindle with family

Taking our new puppy for a walk...or visa versa

Making cards for birthdays brings me such a glee


Our dog is a year old

We named her Cuddles.

She still chews on fingers

But she never leaves puddles.


We rescued her or maybe she rescued us

When we put our dear Dorry down

Our home was so quiet and

Chuck wanted another


I say with a frown..NO!

After 2 weeks of this silence

I knew that I couldn't keep it up

I had no good excuse for my defense!!


I caved in and then...

We found her lonely and frightened

In a 8' x 8' pen

Now our dark days have been lightened


She keeps us laughing and smiling

All 7 pounds of her

We will have her forever....God willing

This darling bundle of fur.


The weather always seems to take on.

A life all of its own.

Way ahead of our winter season.

The frigid snow has blown.


 The end of this year

Has brought on lots of horror

Ebola has been very scary

The polar air has been another story!


Ferguson was another...

It has been in lockdown

The National Guard and Security Teams

Are stationed all over town


Awaiting the verdict

Of a policeman who shot

A colored boy...thought to be racial

There are many who doubt


But also there is a dark side

People who come to riot.

They can't see beyond

Those that they feel are bigots


This world is in crisis

No peace can be found

Those who want peace

Must all stand their ground.


Well, the time came as we knew it would

The grand jury chose not to convict

The riot took over in many a town

And America needs a time to be fixed


Our country is divided.. how can we stand?

The qualities that use to be sacred..

Like honor and and kindness

Have been replaced with so much hatred.


We all need to get down on our knees

And pray to our Maker.. Jesus came to bring peace

Open our eyes and our ears and our hearts

And pray for this world to have peace


The peace that passes all understanding...

God bless you all this Christmas Season.


And here is a small list

Of some stars and celebrities

That we have lost this year

We applaud their talent and energy


Joan Rivers..Lauren Bacall..Robin Williams...Ann B Davis...Mickey Rooney

Sid Caesar...Shirley Temple...Phillip Seymour Hoffman...Pete Seeger

Phil name a few.....