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Your Love Has Blinded Me



Your love has blinded me.
I'm lost and I can't see;
Why should you love me so?
But, please don't ever go.
No, please don't ever go.

My world is touch and feel.
It's strange and so unreal;
My heart is beating fast;
I have a love at last.
My loneliness is past.
Yes, loneliness is past.

I don't have to look to see;
That you're in love with me.
I only know that you do;
And I am counting on you.
All of my whole life through;
All of my life through.

Your love has blinded me.
What is it you see in me?
Is it the way that we touch?
I'll lean on you like a crutch;
Because I love you so much,
Darling, I love you so much.

by Catherine L. Donaldson