Cathy's Poetry Place


You Too My Child



One day I faltered and cried to God
"Why hast thou burdened me so?"
The load is so heavy as I trod.
Please lighten my load, here below.

"Oh Lord, if you are up there
Then you  will surely help me.
So I'm offering one more prayer
Give me a sign that I can see."

My faith was waning
I felt alone in my flight.
And it was God I was blaming.
I was ready to give up my fight.

When alongside me there came
A caterpillar, cautiously craling.
"Our lives are much the same."
I shouted out, almost bawling.

"What an ugly creature" thought I.
"Life holds little pleasure for us."
God must not hear us cry.
The hereafter I will not discuss.

The caterpillar could not speak
But a voice spoke to me then,
"This caterpillar is lowly and meek
But it's life will take a new bend."

As I looked up in disbelief
I knew God was talking to me.
"The caterpillar will find relief
Soon, it will be a thing of beauty."

My eyes were blinded by a light
And when my vision cleared.
I saw a most glorious sight
A butterfly had suddenly appeared.

Gone was the ugly, crawling creature
His life was reborn again.
"You too, my child, will have a new future
You will share it with me, in Heaven.

by Catherine L. Donaldson